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Forged steel ball production process

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1, the traditional process: As the name suggests is made ​​of forged steel balls , using the air hammer forging the raw materials to a certain deformation , increased compression ratio , so that the organizational structure is more dense wear resistant ball , improve toughness and hardness. You need to follow the traditional process under size material, coal or natural gas will feed then heated to a certain temperature, air hammer forging , heat treatment, product testing traditional process has too many drawbacks, the most important are the low production efficiency , product quality man- control lead to individual differences , environmental pollution , a large labor intensity , thermal radiation and noise radiation and other serious harm workers' health. Raw materials: raw materials needed for forging steel balls - round , all ordered from large national steel mills , and can special requirements of different grinding steel balls materials , special processing . Heating materials : We use energy-saving induction heating furnace for heating the bar , block materials can ensure uniform temperature and greatly reduces the loss of raw materials , the heating temperature of the raw materials can ensure uniform wear of the ball during the heat treatment uniform hardness . Heat treatment systems : through self-developed production lines and water quenching heat treatment process of science , you can freely control the grinding steel balls into the water temperature and the water temperature to forging wearable ball from the surface to the core of the higher hardness and high toughness simultaneously , broken rate is very low, to keep the ball abrasion stability under harsh working conditions.
2 , oblique bar technology: With the development of the times, traditional crafts and gradually fade out the stage of history , replaced by oblique tie craft , craft oblique tie basic idea is to use the root of the whole round electric heating , roll fed through the delivery device through motor and gear drive roller rotates, the roller ball may use its own slot design of the high temperature ramp tied round ball . Oblique tie craft without cutting , no air hammer forged , greatly improving production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity , subject to noise and other hazards are greatly reduced , oblique ball rolling technology is forging industry leap-type development but oblique tie there are a lot of defects in the process , the most important aspect is the surface quality and roundness , oblique tie technology tie clip out of the ball surface skin, lack of meat , burnt , projections , lost roundness defects , and oblique tie technology when the ball diameter greater than 50mm, the ball rolling out of the indicators can not reach the relevant standards. The ball diameter greater than 90mm , the production technology can not oblique tie .
3, the peeling roll forging technology : With the development of world mining machinery , increasingly larger diameter ball mill , accompanied by the appearance of semi-autogenous mill , ball mill mine the demand for small diameter to large diameter gradually updated . Clearly , traditional crafts and oblique tie technology can not meet the need of the mine. In this case , Shandong Huamin Steel Ball Co., Ltd., Mr. Hou Yumin , led the Chinese people 's technical staff, through study abroad , independent research and development , through continuous exploration , testing, after several years of hard work , and finally developed peeling roller ball successfully forging segment automated production lines. Peeling roll forging machine and other key technologies won the national five patents , with its new RCAB series of patented materials, the products produced by the international mining giant " BHP Billiton " "Rio Tinto " , " Vale " and recognized Forged Steel Ball heat treatment system by developed by water quenching heat treatment production lines and scientific technology to make forging wearable ball from the surface to the core of the higher hardness and also has high toughness, low breakage rate , keeping the ball in a variety of wear and poor working conditions stability. Peeling roll forging steel ball production line automation technology with a new automatic feeding techniques , frequency & high frequency induction furnace heating technology , peeling roll forging machine technology , machine technology spiral isothermal , roller screw hardening machine technology , automatic cooler , etc. advanced equipment and production efficiency increased nearly 20 times faster than the traditional process , the labor intensity and working environment has been greatly improved. With advanced induction heating furnace , replacing coal and natural gas , energy saving , while not bring pollution to the environment. Whether it is produced by the steel ball surface quality or intrinsic quality , relevant standards are exceeded targets , roundness , hardness, impact value , drop values ​​are exceeded the national standard. Especially the breaking of large diameter above 100mm diameter steel balls , can only rely on traditional conventional air hammer forged . Ball described the history of forging another leap forward . AHK company is currently able to produce forged steel ball diameter between 20mm-150mm .
4 , forged steel ball of liquid extrusion technology. Huamin Steel Ball Company This technology is developing and patenting among still can not provide detailed information . I believe China and China will bring balls again in production technology breakthrough innovations in style . Welcome customers to visit our company to negotiate, we are committed to providing high quality products, timely shipment , competitive price and satisfactory service as the basis for our long-term cooperation.

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